Hybrid Sliding Windows

Proudly manufactured here in Canada

Hybrid Sliding Windows

Our horizontal NEO lll PVC energy star certified sliding windows are the most advanced energy efficient sliding windows on the market to date, entirely made of 100% PVC extrusion.

Their high-end glossy white finish reduces dirt adhesion and requires no maintenance over their lifespan.

The NEO lll offers and impressive 6’’ base frame with multiple air chambers and award-winning superior insulating properties. For added sturdiness, durability and colour option on the exterior we offer a hybrid sliding model, includes extruded aluminum recovering on the exterior components.

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sliding and guillotine window screen frame hybrid & pvc

Screen frames shaped of aluminium assembled with PVC corners giving a tight fit preventing even the smallest of flies. Pairs commonly with a black fiber mesh.

sliding and guillotine window traditional and contemporary design2

Classic & contemporary design

sliding window self locking mechanism PVC & HYBRID

Effortless auto-safe locking system for added peace of mind


Easy maintenance tilt latch system, tilts inwards for easy removal and cleaning

sliding window wheels PVC & HYBRID

Soft glide system offering double nylon adjustable rollers on each side

Hybrid Sliding Windows - Aluminium Fenebel


▪6’’ PVC/hybrid frame offering multiple air chambers for optimal thermal insulation

▪Optional standard window thickness:7 ½’’ – 8 ¼’’ – 9 ¼’’ – 10 ¼’’ (other sizes available)

▪Fusion welded corners for an air and water-tight seal

▪Quadruple weather stripping with fin seal, positioned on the sash and frame
for maximum air tightness

▪Full range of products with similar appearances

▪High-performance energy star certified in both PVC/hybrid sliding models

▪All of our hybrid sliding windows are available in white, black, commercial brown and charcoal

▪Customized colours available on special order.

▪PVC frames standard white

Glazing options

Double glazing clear glass units: Our most economical option, an all-purpose type of glass assembled and sealed in a factory.

Double glazed gas injected units: Our most popular option of Double glazing. Assembled and sealed robotically in a factory. Two panes separated by an airspace with gas-filled spacers and laminated pane surfaces.

Triple glazing gas injected units: This configuration provides three panes which improves thermal performance and increases the inside glass surface temperature, which enhances soundproofing, upgrades comfort and diminishes the effects of condensation.

Tinted glass: In addition to adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your home, tinted glass ensures excellent solar control and added minimal privacy.

Frosted/sandblast glass: Easy to clean, dulled glass features a satin, translucent appearance that lets in light while providing privacy.

Tempered glass: our tempered glass option is heated to approximately 1200 °F giving it 3-5 times the strength as a regular glass pane. Often used in high traffic area.

Laminated glass: used for added soundproofing and security.


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