Aluminum patio DOOR 4 panels

Proudly manufactured here in Canada

Aluminum patio Door 4 panels

If you’re looking for the ultimate, durable long-lasting all-aluminum patio door, the M-classic series is the perfect choice for your future project.

The M-classic series patio door consists of an exterior and interior set of all aluminum mechanically assembled panels seated in an aluminum frame with a high-performance polyamide thermal break barrier.

Our exclusive heavy-duty die-cast rollers with sealed ball bearings provide effortless operation and long-term use. Snuggled between both exterior and interior aluminum panels is our high-quality extruded aluminum bug screen frame boasting 4 fully adjustable wheels.

The M-classic series patio door is no doubt built for long-life durability, offering an impressive 1 ¼ inch thick frame we can all agree this series is ready for wear and tear. The M-classic series patio doors offer best-in-class strength, stability and performance.

The M-classic patio door also offers the option of triple glass as well as quad glass for better insulation for our Canadian winters. The M-classic patio doors are available in a wide variety of sizes, colours and combinations to better tailor to your needs.

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Aluminum Patio Door 4 Panels - Fenebel Aluminium

M-classic anodized bottom door sill, harden protective film by environmentally safe chemical and electrolytic procedure

Double point locking handles

Perfectly balanced high-quality bug screen

Impressive ¾’’ robust extruded screen frame.
Pairs commonly with black fiber mesh

Full handle on all our patio door models

Our exclusive heavy duty die-cast rollers with sealed ball bearings

aluminum patio door 4 pannel PRODUCT PICTURE

Frame Description

▪ Frame insulated 4 sides by dense polystyrene foam

▪ Frame depts offered in 8 ¼ – 9 ¼

▪ Standard exterior colour white-commercial brown-black

▪ Interior standard colour white

▪ D shape handles for effortless sliding operation

▪ Multiple weather strips for a tight seal

▪ Exclusive offset water evacuation slots

Glazing Options

▪ Double glazing clear glass units: Our most economical option, an all-purpose type of glass assembled and sealed in a factory.

▪ Double glazed gas injected units: Our most popular option of Double glazing. Assembled and sealed robotically in a factory. Two panes separated by an airspace with gas-filled spacers and laminated pane surfaces.

▪ Tinted glass: In addition to adding a certain aesthetic appeal to your home, tinted glass ensures excellent solar control and added minimal privacy.

▪ Frosted/sandblast glass: Easy to clean, dulled glass features a satin, translucent appearance that lets in light while providing privacy.

▪ Tempered glass: our tempered glass option is heated to approximately 1200 °F giving it 3-5 times the strength as a regular glass pane. Often used in high traffic area.

▪ Laminated glass: used for added soundproofing and security.



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