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Your new long-term investment deserves a flawless installation, a highly qualified service and a superior quality product. For this reason, we here at Aluminum Fenebel1964 inc. are a proud certified expert of GARAGA garage doors. We are dedicated to working with you every step of the way, making your experience an enjoyable one, from choosing the right style of door that suits your home best to that unique colour you had in mind. The final flawless installation is a bonus. Quality work time after time, that’s the promise we make to all of our customers.

Aluminum Fenebel proud to provide top-quality garage door systems in a vast array of colours and styles for residential and commercial applications. By purchasing a GARAGA garage door through us means choosing first-rate quality without compromise. Expertly engineered with high-quality construction and performance to withstand the harshest Canadian climates, Garaga pays attention to the smallest details from design, colours and decorative extras. Whatever your budget reality, we have the right door to enhance the look of your home and meet your specific needs. GARAGA garage doors are offered in many styles: traditional, contemporary and carriage house style. It is without a doubt Garaga doors are the undisputed market leader!

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Garage Doors - Aluminium Fenebel

GARAGA garage doors offer a standard model made up of high-grade steel which is likely the most common garage door day-day. For a superior top-quality garage door, opt for GARAGA Hi-Tech garage doors made up of aluminum panels. In both categories of garage doors, GARAGA offers a lifetime warranty.

With every purchase of a GARAGA door, the Garaga Experts Network is there to help benefit from the services of the very best garage door professionals in the industry. Right down to the smallest detail, each Garaga Expert is committed to delivering total customer satisfaction.

Your Garaga Expert can also help you implement a maintenance and follow-up plan to ensure that your new garage door and home’s curb appeal give you a sense of pride for years to come. Let us be your guide!


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