Exterior doors

Proudly manufactured here in Canada

Exterior Doors

Looking to boost your curb appeal along with the perfect entrance door for your home?

Look no further we’ve got both, manufactured by us with materials we source entirely from Quebec, our gorgeous high quality 1 ½ ‘’ pine wood structured frames assembled meticulously together with state-of-the-art washer head screws for added robustness and a solid tight squeeze assembly.

We offer one of the most seamless exterior door frames recovering on the market, tucked away aluminum recovering adding sleek lines to your door frames.

On the interior we recover our pine wood frames with an extruded 100% PVC standard white recovering for added warmth on contact.

At last we bring you to the bottom of our door frames, our door sills are assembled with pine wood and an overlay of extruded aluminum which is strengthened by an anodized harden protective film procedure all done locally here in Quebec. Our door sills are then followed by a fortifying process of a thermal barrier which makes all these components one assembled unit all developed by Aluminum Fenebel.

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Exterior Doors - Aluminium Fenebel

Here at Aluminum Fenebel we offer an extremely wide selection of door glass, from contemporary design, to a more tradition look or simply a mid century character feel.

Let us give you the option and help you browse through our online catalogue or simply drop by our showroom to get a better knowledge of quality and materials used by speaking to one of our qualified sales experts.

Our qualified experts recognize the essentials of having a grandiose entry way to welcome your guests, therefore we take the time to make your dreams a reality.

Our entry doors are offered in a vast selection of colour options, from neutral colours to a more energetic colour we have it all! We have recently added imitation wood too our paint collection, this process is treated by a 4 layered procedure. By offering this option it gives our clients the wood look they’ve always dreamed of without additional maintenance and a more cost friendly option.


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