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Supplier and manufacturer of a wide variety of aluminum products and services.

About us

With Over 60 Years of Experience, Aluminum Fenebel 1964inc. was and continues to be an owned and operated family business. We take you back to the early 60’s where the founder which had primitively started manufacturing in the basement of his Montréal home, simple sliding windows and storm doors which eventually lead him to great success.

As he began to thrive from his basement he then relocated and purchased his first operating plant where he continued to manufacture those same products. As his success grew even larger it was then in 1964 the founder himself founded the company we all know today as Aluminum Fenebel 1964inc. In 1971 he relocated into a bigger plant which he then went on to expand that same plant in the late 70s. In 1989 the founder turned over his shares to his children which continued his passion in the window industry. Fast forward to today, that same legacy continues on with the 3rd generation of the family.

We manufacturer a wide selection of products our customers can effortlessly pick a product that best suits their home and needs. With our company’s outstanding reputation, primarily built on numerous years of experience along side a team of committed, experienced and professional staff, we here at Aluminium Fenebel continue to grow and adapt to todays growing market.

About us - Aluminium Fenebel

Our company dedicates countless hours into developing new products and improving existing products so they can exceed excellence. Our entire team work relentlessly to provide unmatched quality products and services ensuring our costumers remain satisfied for the long haul. Being a Canadian business, our goal is to sell products that are well set for all weather conditions. Our windows and doors isolate and separate indoor and outdoor temperatures, this balance helps provide our customers with the proper indoor temperature they desire.

We here at Aluminum Fenebel care immensely for the environment, with that being said, we try our best to reduce our carbon footprint by recycling packaging, PVC and aluminium materials.

Therefore, the materials we no longer have use for are recycled and reused in an environmentally friendly manner.

Our costumers value our teams’ suitability, authenticity, availability, and our attentiveness. These traits ensure that our customers’ questions and needs are well fulfilled. Our customers’ satisfaction is a top priority at Aluminum Fenebel. From the first step, the initial estimate, to the final step, the installation our team enjoys nothing more than to see our clientele joyous over their new installation. We thrive to give our customers the best experience, let us count you as one of our satisfied customers we are just a phone call away!

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